The North Fremantle Community Association was formed in the mid 1970s in response to a variety of issues connected with foreshores, preservation and planting of native vegetation and poor quality urban development.  One of those early issues concerned the conservation of Winter House, now the home of Apace.  We won’t go into names at this stage, but sometime we should make up a North Fremantle Hall of Fame, because there are many people who worked long and hard over a sustained period and should be remembered for it. With the advent of the Precinct system the NFCA became Precinct 12. Around the same time it became host to The String Beans, which in due course established its own identity as North Fremantle Community Arts Development.  In recent years the NFCA’s executive has turned its attention to the preservation of the former Bowling Club as a community resource.  It’s been a long, hard and energy-absorbing struggle in which Precinct 12 has taken a back seat.  However, not entirely forgotten — the NOFCAD connection is alive and well and the Christmas Concert is still an important community event after 25 years of celebration of local talent.

Freospace will present Precincts with new and exciting possibilities for community communication and participation, so the NFCA/P12 is going to be in the mix.  We will be putting ourselves in order again at a general meeting in May, so as they say, watch this space.

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